5 Reasons Why Having a Travel Insurance is a Must for Overseas Travellers

Whether you are travelling overseas for leisure, studies or for business, you need extensive preparation to ensure that the journey is safe and fun. Having a travel insurance is vital to ensure the same. It not only provides you security against the unforeseen medical expenses but it also comes handy when dealing with travel related emergencies such as loss of passport or baggage.

While just one reason i.e. traveller’s security is enough to persuade you to buy travel insurance, we have mentioned here 5 prominent reasons why you should buy one –

  • Provides Coverage Against Unforeseen Medical Expenses

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere. While you are covered under medical insurance in your country, it may or may not pay for medical expenses incurred in a foreign land. This is where a travel insurance will help. It offers coverage for any medical exigencies that you face while on travel and that too on a cashless basis. When you buy all-inclusive or comprehensive travel insurance, it will also offer facilities like medical evacuation or air ambulance up to the insured value.

  • Immediate Support in Case of Need

Most travel insurance companies have 24*7 customer support team to help you with claims overseas. Which means, there is always someone you can talk to in case of medical or travel related emergency. In case you have misplaced your travel documents or there is some medical related emergency, the support staff will guide you about the immediate step you should take.

In some countries, the travel insurance professionals may also help you get in touch with your country’s embassy.

  • Third Party Damages

Sometimes, people get involved in an accident overseas leading to third party damages, the cost for which have to be borne by them. However, if your travel insurance covers for third party damages or personal liabilities, then that expense will be paid by the insurance company.

  • Pays for Travel Related Emergencies

Travel related emergencies like missed connection flight, excessive flight delay, loss of passport, loss of laptop or baggage, delay in checked-in baggage or issues with hotel reservations are covered by travel insurance. They will pay for the loss occurred as well as might bargain on your behalf with the airlines in case of their fault. Some travel insurance companies also offer compensation for visa fees in case the visa is rejected.

  • Legal Compliance

In some countries, it is mandatory for travelers to have a travel insurance without which they will not be allowed to pass through the immigration counter. Many times, even visa applications are rejected in the absence of a travel insurance. Therefore, if you are travelling overseas, always check the insurance requirements of the destination country.

Compare Travel Insurance

Nowadays, you can find so many different types of travel insurance plans by different companies. In order to select the best, it is always a good idea to compare travel insurance using a travel insurance comparison website like iSelect Australia. iSelect helps you compare the best plans from the selected provider and choose the options that best fits your requirement. So use the comparison website, select the best travel insurance and have a great travel experience.