When you are visiting Phuket, there are many tours and excursions that you can choose from, and there are also plenty that lasts for more than just one day. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the country when you visit and want to go on the best multi-day tours, below are some of the best ones you can choose to enjoy when you visit Phuket.

Spending A Night With The Elephants

No visit to Thailand is complete without spending some time with the Elephants. One of the most popular overnight tours in Phuket is a visit to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. When you book a stay in this ethical elephant camp, they will collect you from your accommodation in the morning, and you will get to spend a full day with these gentle giants and learn a lot about them. You will also get to feed and bath the elephants before retiring to your accommodation for the evening. After your breakfast and saying good morning to the herd, you will then be driven back to your accommodation with lots of fantastic memories and beautiful pictures.

An Overnight Tour Of The Islands

Another popular excursion for tourist n Phuket is going on one of the many island tours, and there are also tours which last for two or three days. One of the most popular island tours takes in Phi Phi, Krabi, James Bond Island, and Rang Yai, and you will get to see beautiful and pristine beaches and snorkel with the fishes and enjoy the diverse life under the sea. You will spend the night on Phi Phi Don, and you can explore the nightlife that is on offer, which is popular with many young backpackers and partygoers.

Go Trekking In The Jungle

A jungle trek is another popular overnight excursion in Phuket, and it is an excellent way to see the diverse wildlife that lives in Phuket and get close to nature. You can explore the oldest jungle in Thailand in Khao Sok National Park and relax by the beautiful Chiew Larn lake. Your transport and accommodation are provided, and you can enjoy activities such as trekking through the jungle, exploring caves, a wildlife safari, and ride through the rainforest in a longtail boat.

These are a couple of the overnight tours which are available, and there are more besides. You can also opt for a private tour and create a bespoke itinerary so that you can to see what you want and have a unique experience when you visit beautiful Phuket.