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The Traveller’s Guide to Phi Phi Islands

If you’re planning a holiday in Thailand, you simply must experience the magical Phi Phi islands, which are nestled in the Andaman Sea, not far from Phuket and the coastal town of Krabi. This is the jewel of the south and as you would expect, throngs with tourists all year round, all looking to experience the amazing limestone rocks and the clear tropical waters.

Getting There

You can take a boat from Phuket, the premier Thai island resort, or the sleepy town of Krabi, which is another gem of the Andaman Sea. Obviously, the boats will be full during high season, but such is the laid-back lifestyle, you can relax in a small outdoor bar, if you have to kill time.

Luxury Beachfront Accommodation

No need to rough it on Phi Phi, with 5-star resorts in Phi Phi near the beach that take your breath away, and you can enjoy luxury accommodation in a tropical paradise like no other. You can relax on the extensive terrace at the front of your bungalow and when you fancy a walk along the beach, you are only a few metres away from the shoreline.

Thai Cuisine

Thai food is world famous and you can sample some of the best dishes prepared by local expert chefs, using organic ingredients and with desserts to die for, you will have a unique gastronomic experience. Room service is only a phone call away and you simply must try the local rum cocktails, made with natural fruits.

Maya Bay

Without doubt one of the highlights of Phi Phi, Maya Bay is best experienced during early mornings or evenings, when things are quiet, and you can enjoy Kayaking around the stunning rock formations, or a snorkel over the reef. Make sure you have more than enough memory space on your camera, as the scenery is out of this world, giving you images and video to treasure forever.


You are advised to take a comfortable pair of walking shoes, as there will be lots of opportunities to explore jungle pathways, and by talking to the resort staff, you will know where to go. Water sports abound, and if you fancy a fishing session, this can be arranged, and snorkeling and scuba diving open up a whole new world, with stunning marine life.

Once you’ve made your luxury bungalow booking, you can look forward to spending a few days in paradise.