Digital Nomads: Bangkok is Calling

If you make a living online, you are one of the lucky ones who are not tied to a geographical location and you can live anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable Internet connection and you’re good to go! Think about it; why live in a cold climate where prices seem to be going up almost daily when you can jet off to sunny Thailand and enjoy the millionaire lifestyle?

Low cost of living

Bangkok is cheaper than any European or US city, and of that, there is no doubt and this is the number one reason expat entrepreneurs strive to spend at least 6 months in Bangkok. They can actually save money while having lots of fun in the process, which is an attractive proposition. It isn’t easy to obtain long-term visas in Thailand; if you want to stay longer than 3months, you can sign up for a Thai language course at an approved school and obtain an ed visa; learn Muay Thai and you can stay up to 15 months; those over 50 years old can apply for a retirement visa. There is talk about a visa for digital nomads but nothing concrete has been announced.

Lively workspaces

There are many shared workspaces with Broadband Internet, while if collaborating is not your thing, you can set up your laptop anywhere and hotspot from your smartphone. Many e-store owners live in Phuket, Bangkok and Chiang Mai; they manage their businesses online and can enjoy a great lifestyle.

Great infrastructure

Thailand is not some backwater 3rd world country, far from it, the roads are fantastic, with 8-lane highways that reach the four corners of the nation. Travelling is a breeze and Internet connectivity coverage over the entire country, ensures your business doesn’t suffer. You might prefer living by the beach in Phuket, or enjoying the cooler weather in the mountainous north; some stay at a luxury resort in Bangkok, where they have everything they need.

High living

Let’s face it, the standard of living you can enjoy in Bangkok isn’t going to cost the Earth and when you crunch the numbers, it suddenly seems attractive to spend a few months in this enchanting land. Escape the harsh sub-zero winter temperatures in your home country and see how the millionaires live!

Some nationalities are given a 30-day VoA (visa on arrival), while others need to apply to a Thai Embassy in their home country for a tourist visa.