Renting Accommodation in Copenhagen: Knowing your Options

Copenhagen has a great culture and a vibrant outlook. The people in the city are set to have the best work-life balance and life here supports this with lots of leisure and outdoor activities. But, life in Copenhagen does not come cheap. Those who live in the city centre will have to spend more than on average per month than those who live further away from the city. Thus, if you wish to move or visit the city, you need to consider the costs associated with your plans and pick the right accommodation.

Housing Options in Copenhagen

While people in Copenhagen can choose from various options in terms of housing, the market is quite competitive and the search can usually be tricky. As expats arrive in the country at the start of the calendar and school year, finding accommodation in the months of January and September is usually difficult. But, here are some of the housing options you can often choose from:

Furnished vs. unfurnished. Copenhagen’s rental market has a big amount of housing available. But, you can pick from a mix of furnished and unfurnished places. Unfurnished apartments, terraced homes, and bigger single-family homes have electrical appliances and a fitted kitchen. If you are visiting the city for a short time, you can look for furnished short term rents. The comfort and convenience of holiday apartments in copenhagen city centre apartments offer will make your stay worth it.

  • Flatshares and student housing. If you are staying in Denmark as a student, you will want to look for student accommodation. For this, you can seek help from your college or the government-supported website. Some travel websites can also help you with this.

Moreover, as private rentals can usually expensive, you can also consider a flatshare. Often, flat share is more one-off individual arrangements that you can arrange with an acquaintance.

  • Summerhouses. These homes are often out of the city and can vary from having a few facilities to plush accommodations. You can only stay there from April 1 to October 1.

Where to Live in Copenhagen

Where you prefer to rent in the city will be based on your budget and where your university or job is. The further away from the centre of the town you live, the more affordable the rents. This makes it essential to spend time exploring the city before you choose a place to stay to get more for your money.