Ten Helpful Steps to Buying Your Dream Home in Bangkok

The property markets of a large city are often fast-moving entities, with large amounts of homes and apartments being viewed and sold every day. The best examples sometimes don’t even make it onto the market properly before being snapped up and disappearing from view. If you are looking for a new home, it is always best practice to follow some tried and tested steps during the process. This short article will look at some helpful tips to aid you during your property search and get the best from your real estate agent. Bangkok has an amazing amount of different types of properties, so you have a good chance of finding the home you have always wanted.

1, Confirm your spending power – if you are a cash buyer or are organising financing with your bank or loan company, know your budget and be ready to strike if the right property comes your way.

2, Plan Your Purchase – adopt a strategy with realistic goals in mind; there is no point chasing a new home or apartment in an area of the city that is outside of your budget.

3, Find the Best Estate Agents – Choosing a well-regarded estate agent will eliminate any misinformation often found on the internet, and it is often the case that better agents will have higher quality homes and apartments.

4, Use an Experienced Attorney – If you don’t already have one appoint an experienced lawyer to handle your purchase; if you don’t know one, ask friends or relatives for a recommendation.

5, Research is key – when looking at a specific property, consider nearby local facilities, traffic, ambience, and the possibility of any future development affecting property prices.

6, Draw Up a Shortlist – make a list of any prospective possibilities and then look to view as many as possible, as this will aid your process in many different ways.

7, Take your time viewing – when looking around any new home or apartment, check for any flaws or damage that might affect the value or dismiss it from your shortlist.

8, Understand the Additional Costs – Always take into account the contractual fees you will need to pay on top of the purchase price; searches and surveys, taxes and attorney fees will all need paying.

9, See the Property’s Potential – Be aware of what you can do to the property, some homes may look rundown, but with a small amount of work and investment, you might well increase its value substantially.

10, Be Confident – during the process, you may need to make quick decisions to secure a great property, be ready to do this.

With a well-structured process and plenty of research, you can successfully navigate the big city property market and find the new home you have always wanted. Good luck.