Why Do Train Journeys Hold Such Special Appeal To People?

Most people in India prefer travelling by train since they are cheap and convenient. Moreover, the journey proves to be much more entertaining than the destination sometimes. When travelling by train, you need new people and the train journey becomes a memory on its own. The minute you get a confirm train ticket; there is a sense of excitement that arises with the thought of the train journey. Here are some of the reasons that travelling by train is a preferred method of transportation for most people:

  1. Beautiful scenery: Travelling by train is splendid because the view is phenomenal. There is very little that could beat the beautiful sights you can view from your window. You can comfortably sit in your seat and watch as one scenery goes by and another comes in like a brilliant panorama created by god. Your railway PNR train is the solution to your boredom when you want to travel cheaply.
  1. New people: One of the most important reasons that make train journeys so special is the number of people you meet during every trip. Each person has something new and exciting to offer, and it is never dull or monotonous to find and greet new people who are all travelling where you are. Every railway train PNR has a different destination, and each journey will have a different set of people you can meet and get to know.
  1. Explore cultures: Travelling by train helps you meet new people and is also great to learn about new cultures. People you meet will like to share their life stories, cultures, and traditions with you. Most of us want to talk about our lives and share them with others. Listening to other people’s stories is also a lot of fun, as they get excited and animated when talking about themselves. You know that the minute you finish your travel ticket booking, you have to prepare for your train journey mentally.
  1. Creating lifelong memories: Each train journey will create a new experience and become a lifelong memory for you to cherish. Every person you meet may not stay in your memory for a lifetime, but every adventure you have and all the conversations will stick with you forever. Even when you wait for your train to arrive at its platform and check the train PNR is memorable because there is always something peculiar about waiting for a train with many unknown people that it is not easy to forget.
  1. Good Food: Train journey becomes memorable partly because of the people you meet and partly because of the food you get to try. You can also try the food that hawkers sell at every station. Each station has its speciality that they sell on the train and you should try as many as you can.